Soaring Heights Care is a semi- independent provider with a unique difference in that it is run and managed by an experienced and practicing social worker who has also worked as a probation officer and youth justice worker. Our ethos at Soaring Heights Care is to prepare young people for their futures, whilst assessing and tailoring interventions to assist in their development.

As well as providing 24 staffed accommodation and key work sessions, we are also able to provide assessments on young people placed with us to ensure that their individual needs are met whilst we prepare them to lead independent lives within the future.

At Soaring Heights Care we can undertake the following assessments on young people placed with us as a means of assisting the local authorities that we work with.

Age assessments

Our in House Social Worker is able to assist Local Authorities and other relevant bodies by undertaking and contributing to existing Age Assessments having completed the necessary training and working extensively with UASC. Our expertise also allows us to observe the young people placed with us and provide reports that can be used within the court arena.

Child and Family Assessments

This service can reduce the burden paced upon Local Authorities to complete in depth assessments that capture a young person’s background, circumstances and needs whilst identifying the relevant risk factors that are presenting. The child and Family Assessments can be reviewed regularly to measure changes that may have occurred and also include a plan of how the identified risks can be managed or reduced.

Pathway plans

Our pathway Plans identify support and services required for young people who are moving onto leaving care services. Pathway plans are crucial as they capture a young person’s plans for the future, with a clear focus on their goals and ambitions.

1-2-1 direct work

We are able to provide regular sessions where this has been identified by the Local Authority as a need. Our sessions are documented in depth and also include an analysis of need and understanding to assist with the ongoing monitoring of young people to ensure effective case management.